Just find something you love

With Thanksgiving already behind us and the holiday season in full swing, while it’s important to enjoy time with friends and family it’s also important to stay healthy.  This is preferred as opposed to going to the gym in the beginning of January as your New Years Revolution with what seems like the rest of world.  But how can one possibly find that motivation to workout?! Find a class or a specific workout that you enjoy and it seems infinitely easier in my opinion.  If you hate running, then don’t do it as your workout because then you will find any excuse possible not to workout.  You don’t want to hate yourself for an hour or however long your workout is when you could be enjoying it.  I believe that there is some form of physical activity that everybody loves to do.  If you’ve been reading my blog then you probably already know that I’m obsessed with cycling classes.  I just found my love for cycling very recently, but I enjoy cycling and for me it’s a great stress reliever as well as being a great workout.  It’s not exceedingly painful for me to wake up and convince myself to workout because I genuinely enjoy going to cycling classes.  Just so everybody know cycling also known as spinning is a high intensity workout on a stationary bike.  Offered in most gyms as a class which is usually 45-60 minutes long, there is an instructor creates a workout.  In cycling classes, the instructor chooses music to be played and depending on the tempo of the song changes the speed and/or resistance of the bike.  In cycling there is also a combination of sitting and standing on the bike.  Before I took a cycling class, I was unaware of all the different moves that could be done on a bike.  Since my explanation is probably fairly lacking for somebody who has no clue what spinning is. I have attached a youtube video which shows a short clip of cycling class.

I would love to convince everybody to go to a cycling class, I understand that it probably isn’t everybody’s cup of tea.  But I urge everybody to find a workout they love because it makes workout more fun.  It doesn’t have to cycling, but running, weightlifting, zumba, yoga, kettle bell, swimming, and many many more.  And if you’re taking a class or just working out in general don’t get discouraged after the first time or class because it will get easier plus seeing your improvement is just a part of the whole process.  So instead of waiting until January to begin your healthy lifestyle why not start now! I promise it will be worth it! Go find something you love to do!


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